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Some say I condone Fake News just by my association with the Fox Network. These people are my family and friends. Since becoming a contributor on Fox Business Prime Time with Trish Regan, I’ve faced controversy and animosity from left-wing democrats. I’ve been accused of, almost zombie-like, joining the dark side.

Just the opposite has happened. I’ve become more aware of my core political beliefs in the context of our divided country today. Simply put, my faith is in the people, not the parties. We are a republic built upon different points of view, and I believe every
person’s opinion deserves the same respect as our many other differences, yet our leading parties have become so judgmental and intolerant, they’ve can’t hear each other over their condemnation, their sneers. No longer is there progress within a middle ground.

If we work from a place of acceptance, we’ll better understand what America needs to prosper and free ourselves from the constraints of hate. Each of us has the last word when we cast our vote, but it’s how we treat each other now that will make America truly great . . . or lead us to violence. We were given the Commandment to love one another, and I believe for good reason, as the alternative is bleak.

So, how did I end up on Fox Business? I was walking my dog in our quiet neighborhood along the Saugatuck River where it meets the bay, when I met a couple out in front of their house. I didn’t know them because they were weekend people, renting on the water as a retreat from the city. Small talk ensued, and I mentioned my book I Always Cry at Weddings. The woman later told her mother, a former journalist and avid democrat, who read and loved it. In May of 2018, her eldest daughter, Trish Regan of Fox Business, invited me onto her show for a Summer Reading segment. National television! I was grateful for the opportunity.

My first appearance on Fox rated well, and I got the producers’ attention. Six months later, they invited me back, and I talked about avoiding politics at the Thanksgiving Day table. I’ve appeared every week or so to discuss a variety of topics from the crisis in Venezuela to immigration in Sweden and women in the news.

I walk a thin line maintaining a bipartisan viewpoint on a far-right program. Visions for America differ, but it’s true that Republicans love their country every bit as much as Democrats. We share its bounty and suffer its losses as one.

As a result of this opportunity and its challenges, I’m starting an online platform called Bipartisan Mom for women from all political parties who want a supportive, nonjudgmental community where they can learn about the issues, share their experiences, and realize their voting power in America as a united front.

Yes, we can call out Fake News as such, but if we let it divide us, it accomplishes its true intent.

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