I Always Cry at Weddings

A New York City story about figuring out life and finding love

(published autumn 2015 by WhiteFire Publishing)

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*Proceeds from I Always Cry at Weddings go toward Lift the Lid, the charity Sara started in 2010 to support schools for children living in poverty and to encourage writing and self-expression.


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Book Reviews

This novel breaks a lot of tropes and rules on its way to a happy ever after. The cast is vibrant, and the author describes every character as so unique that you cannot only see them, but hear the inflections in their voices. I can’t say I’ve ever read a romance that has taken this particular path, and … I found it refreshing!

USA Today
The novel delivers a satisfying traditional redemption story while demonstrating that what makes a perfect match has to do with shared values, mutual support, and the positive feelings that these invoke.
Publishers Weekly

Sara Goff writes about the experiences of a young woman in Manhattan with wit, heart, and courage all her own.

Ian Frazier, author of Travels in Siberia and contributor to The New Yorker

I read I Always Cry at Weddings in one big gulp. It’s engaging and funny but also sad and a little scary. Fine writing!”

Jill McCorkle, author of The Cheer Leader
Here’s an adorable, cautionary tale for the marriage bound or the marriage averse, and that’s almost everybody. Sara Goff’s witty fable will do well.
Diane Johnson, author of Le Mariage
Sara Goff’s debut novel manages to be gripping, edgy and soulful at the same time.
Susan Shapiro, author of Speed Shrinking and Overexposed
I Always Cry at Weddings felt like being inside a movie, a contemporary romantic comedy taking place in the Big Apple.
Christine Lindsay, author of Twilight of the British Raj series
The story has humorous moments and twists and turns that kept me guessing and led to a satisfying ending. I highly recommend this book to readers who are looking for realistic and entertaining contemporary Christian fiction in an urban setting that tackles social issues.
Narelle Atkins, inspirational author and blogger

Book Club Questions

  • How does New York City play a role in the story? And how does the setting shape Ava’s life?
  • How many different sides to the city do you see in the story? Which side stands out the most?
  • How is trust a theme in the story? Has Ava been lied to?
  • Is Ava and Chris’s relationship plausible? Are they a good couple?
  • What is Maggie’s role in the novel besides Ava’s best friend and maid of honor?
  • Was “The Encore” an important first step or a total miss-step? Did you lose respect for Ava while she was dancing on the piano?
  • Does Ava’s faith in God play a significant role in her journey to finding love and meaning in life?
  • What warning signs did Ava miss with Julian?
  • Compare and contrast Ava’s mom and Phoebe?
  • Is the theme of “weddings” significant in modern-day America? Have you been to a wedding that didn’t feel sincere? What was the most sincere wedding you attended, and why did it feel meaningful?
  • If Ava and Chris get married, do you think they will have a big wedding? Personal vows? How might they make their wedding different?
  • After reading I Always Cry at Weddings, how would you describe unconditional love?
  • Do YOU always cry at weddings? Why?

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