Limitless Through Every Limitation by Mercy B.

Mercy Barasa-thank you sheet-animals-2nd pl-6th comp-Lenana

I think of two words every time I read Mercy’s poem: Fire and Optimism. Through her words, in just three stanzas, she is a leader and she is humble. “Being limitless through every limitation,” says it all.

You might say, How the heck am I supposed to live limitlessly? I’m limited to who I am, first of all, and, secondly, what does that even mean?

I’m sure the word can be interpreted in many different ways, maybe even an unlimited number of ways. ;) Living limitless to me is simply trying new things: taking a walk you wouldn’t ordinarily take; talking to someone you wouldn’t ordinarily talk to; treating yourself to something, in an act of self-love; pushing yourself to do something, overcoming a fear. Layer by layer, peel back your limitations by opening new doors for yourself, welcoming the possibility of positive change beyond what you can see or know.

Mercy Barasa-poem-thank you sheet-2nd pl-6th comp-Lenana

Mercy earned Second Place in Lenana Girls’ High School (Kitale, Kenya) Sixth Annual Writing Competition sponsored by Lift the Lid. This is a big accomplishment, but even bigger is the effect her words will have on all those who read them. I’m proud to support her and every student at Lenana in ever becoming their best. Thank you to our donors for giving our students the opportunity to share their talent, hard work, and passion. By caring, you give them the chance to shine!

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