A High Stakes Lesson in Peer Pressure

Lilian Kaluki-2ndPl 6th Comp-Skillen-Lenana

Lilian Kaluki was this year’s Second Place winner of Lenana Girls’ High School writing competition sponsored by Lift the Lid. I’m happy to share her essay with donors who gave to our end-of-year fundraiser. So far we’ve raised enough to buy eight computers for the students at Lenana, and we’re hoping to purchase at least two more.

Lilian writes about a recent lesson learned when her girlfriends went to a disco after being sent home from school because of unpaid fees. She writes, “One man in the club had the idea that the ten girls were school children. He organized a deal with two more men. They attacked the girls and hid them in a small dark room. Three girls were raped while the rest were beaten thoroughly.” Her essay addresses the fact that still in many countries and towns young women, even in groups, are not safe out at night.

Lilian listened to her instincts and stayed home, but she could’ve easily gone with her friends. Telling her story is important. The horror her friends endured and continue to live with leaves a warning not to be forgotten. One that may influence other teens to forego excitement for safety when there are risks.

I’m grateful for all our donors who support our students, their writing, their education, and their good decision-making. Below is Lilian’s essay:


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