My Mother

Brigid Nemayian-photo-First Pres-Namelok

Oh, how we are influenced by our mother! By her joys and her fears. By her rules and beliefs. We first see the world through her eyes. We see ourselves through her love. Her stories stay with us throughout life, and her wisdom guides us when our own stubbornness leaves us stranded.

Brigid of Namelok Junior Academy in Kisamis, Kenya writes about what makes her most happy: her mother and the folktales she tells. We can imagine her mother’s passion and energy sewing words into stories, embroidering them onto Brigid’s heart. Stories Brigid will pass down to her own children, sharing history and that happy warmth of Grandma’s love stitched together with her own.

You can click here to read Brigid’s essay, to enlarge or print a copy: “My Mother.” I also encourage you to click “It Could Have Been a Lonely Night,” the gentle, yet poignant poem Brigid wrote in 2014. Her creative spirit truly comes through in her writing!

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