Who We Are

Bridging Minds Collective (BMC) is an online forum led by women who are determined to bring all Americans together.

My name is Sara Goff, and I founded Bridging Minds Collective in July of 2019. I’m a mom, an author, and I run a nonprofit that supports a few of our world’s poorest schools while encouraging the students to express themselves through writing. We are created to be heard and to listen, and this is our focus at BMC. We’re sponsor-free and have no political ties to one party.

We stand against the political divide that is undermining the strength of our country.

We believe that learning the skills for open-minded, healthy communication needs a place on the internet, and we’ve created it.

Join us in discussing the political and social issues that affect the lives of us all — women and men — as well as our children’s lives one day. Working together, by building bridges across party lines, we will unite America!

I hope you’ll Sign Up to Bring Americans Together Again.

Why Women?

Women are global influencers and Bridging Minds is our home base. From policy-making to peace-seeking, we cut through the negativity and work together for a new way of communicating that builds upon our political and cultural differences, our uniqueness, and our strengths.

As a women’s group, we welcome the advice, perspectives, and experience of men. Expect more to come from our male partners, politicians, artists, business owners, and more.

From the words of Susan Faludi, Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist, “I don’t see how you can be a feminist and not think about men. In order for women to live freely, men have to live freely, too. Being a feminist opens your eyes to the ways men, like women, are imprisoned in cultural stereotypes.”


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