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A Broadway perspective

Throughout the sixteen years I lived in Manhattan, I loved walking the city streets, some more congested than others! My observations, as well as my experiences, certainly show up in my writing. The city is where I dared to follow my dreams.

The blog Fresh Fiction wrote, "I ALWAYS CRY AT WEDDINGS is a story with romance and love, but it’s a story about self-discovery. Ava’s identity had been subsumed by her fiancé’s. She tried to be the Ava he wanted her to be, then she tries a lot of different things to find the Ava she wants to be."

Ava reaches a point where she realizes her wedding, her entire life, meets other people’s expectations. Will she start over on her own and get to know the real Ava . . . or will she take the ‘safe’ route and get married? I think we know that answer!

Jill McCorkle, author of Life After Life, said, “I read I ALWAYS CRY AT WEDDINGS in one big gulp. It’s engaging and funny but also sad and a little scary. Fine writing!"

New Yorker writer, Ian Frazier, said, “Sara Goff writes with wit, heart, and courage all her own.”


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